Any message you post on your feed will be visible to all your friends and contacts. You can let them know what you’re currently up to, thinking about or doing with. In return, you’ll also be informed about what’s going on with your contacts. You can interact with other members by selecting “Like” or “Comment” on a post.

In “Local”, you’ll see what other members are up to in your area: Photos, status updates, participation in events and more. The selection of members shown to you is based on your search criteria and the location you enter.

Deleting or reporting posts

You can add and delete your own status updates on your wall. When creating a wall post, you can also select whether the message will be visible to all members or just to your contacts and friends. You can find these settings in “Visibility”. You can comment on or compliment the posts of other members or friends. If you want to delete a post or report its content to our support team, click on the grey tick to the right of the status message. Here, you’ll find the options: “Report”, “Delete” and “Delete all posts from this member”.