We do everything we can to make sure fake profiles don’t stand a chance on JOYCE. Our authenticity check offers a way to ensure dating profiles aren’t fake.

How can I take the authenticity check?

You can find the authenticity check by clicking on your profile picture and going to settings. Here’s how it works:

What happens to my data?

Once the review process has been completed, the submitted video material, which can only be viewed by reviewers from the JOYCE team, is immediately and permanently deleted.

What do the coloured ticks mean?

How can I mark someone as a “personally known”?

When you add a new contact, you can immediately select that they are personally known to you. Simply select the appropriate entry in the contacts menu. You can mark existing contacts by selecting “Edit contact” in their profile. Tick the “Personally known” box in the editing window. Please don’t forget to save any changes. Your profile will get the green tick once you’ve passed the authenticity check and been marked as a personal contact by five verified members.